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As well as performing a variation of music and songs around the tourist spots of Dublin. Scotty Connor composes and arranges music for film score and television advertising campaigns. Scotts music has been recognised by advertisers of Redbull and the producer of The BBC One Show as well as numerous local online advertising campaigns which include St.Patricks Cathedral in Dublin as part of The Jonathon Swift Festival (2018). Scott recently completed a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in Media Production Management awarded by Dublin City University (2018).
Scott began as a musician at the age of 12. His first job in the music industry was at 15 as a "Roadie" for up and coming Scottish acts touring the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland. His professional career began as a musician and busker in the early 90's performing to tourists in the holiday resorts of Spain & Portugal before studying 'Irish Traditional Music Performance' in Dublin Ireland where he completed a Higher National Diploma (H.N.D.) in Irish Traditional Music Performance (2016/17), Scott furthered his studies to complete the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in Media Production Management awarded by Dublin City University (2018). Scott spent a total of 3 years at Ballyfermot College of Further Education in Dublin to study 'Harmony and Arranging', 'Music Performance Studies', 'Music Performance Skills', 'Music Technology', 'Computer Music Composition and Production', 'Traditional Performing Arts', 'Traditional Music and Song from Scotland Brittany and the North of England', 'Planning for Public Performance', 'Creative Arts Research Skills', 'Project design Implementation and evaluation'. Scott has also studied 'Music Studio Production', 'The Music Business in the 21st Century', "World Music Studies' 'Harmony and Composition' as well as "Regional Styles in Irish Traditional Music'.


An Interview with Scotty Connor.

Thank-you to John Murphy (interviewer) and all the students at BCFE Dublin who helped co-ordinate this video clip.