My name is Scotty Connor. I am a Traditional Irish Music Performance Graduate (Dublin BCFE 2016). I also completed the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Degree in Media Production Management awarded by Dublin City University (2018). I am a songwriter, performer and producer.

I got my first guitar age 12. My grandfather was an Accordian player who first introduced me to Traditional Music. I was born in Paisley Scotland and now reside in Dublin Ireland. I am 3rd generation Irish with great grandparents who immigrated from County Armagh to Scotland in the early 1900's. I have composed and arranged music for film score and advertising campaigns including St.Patricks Cathedral in Dublin as part of 'The Jonathon Swift Festival' (2018). I spent a total of 3 years at Ballyfermot College of Further Education Dublin (2016) to study 'Harmony and Arranging', 'Music Performance Studies', 'Music Performance Skills', 'Music Technology', 'Computer Music Composition and Production', 'Traditional Performing Arts', 'Traditional Music and Song from Scotland Brittany and the North of England', 'Planning for Public Performance', 'Creative Arts Research Skills', 'Project design Implementation and evaluation'. I also studied 'Music Studio Production', 'The Music Business in the 21st Century', "World Music Studies' 'Harmony and Composition' as well as "Regional Styles in Irish Traditional Music'.

During the pandemic I wanted to keep creative and decided to concentrate on expanding my song writing / composition and self production skills at home. I made the decision to release my original material from my original repertoire across streaming sites such as Spotify.  To make the process more fun ( given the climate ) i applied  to attempt a Guinness World Record Challenge.  The official title given to the challenge is ‘Most Consecutive weeks to release a digital single by a music act’. The current record is 55 weeks. As of Friday July 9th 2021 i will be attempting to release 60 original singles to challenge the record.

Every Friday I release an original single across digital platforms. My goal is to release 60 consecutive original singles in an effort to challenge the current Guinness World Record of 55.

Each single represents for me each week of the pandemic that i have been out of work as a full time bar musician. The release of my original sixty songs over sixty weeks will encourage supporters and followers of the challenge to rank songs, share posts and livestreams in an effort to raise funds to press the most popular releases from the sixty weeks onto a double vinyl record by the end of the challenge. #scottys60in60 #GWRchallenge.

The Double vinyl albums are limited to 100 copies and will be mailed to anyone who donates 50 euro or above on my GoFundMe page here -

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