Scotty Connor is a singing, songwriting, rhythmic guitar player from Paisley Scotland.
Scotts career began as a travelling musician and street entertainer, before going on to study 'Irish Traditional Music Performance' in Dublin Ireland where he spent 2 years studying 'Harmony and Arranging', 'Music Performance Studies', 'Music Performance Skills', 'Music Technology', 'Computer Music Composition and Production', 'Traditional Performing Arts', 'Traditional Music and Song from Scotland Brittany and the North of England', 'Planning for Public Performance', 'Creative Arts Research Skills', 'Project design Implementation and evaluation'. Scott also studied 'Music Studio Production', 'The Music Business in the 21st Century', "World Music Studies' 'Harmony and Composition' as well as "Regional Styles in Irish Traditional Music'.

Scott was recently awarded  a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in Media Production Management by Dublin City University (2018).

An Interview with Scotty Connor.

A Special THANKS TO John Murphy and all the lads at B.C.F.E. Dublin